Episode 6 – Representations, Misrepresentations and Elections

In which A & B shoot the shit on Biden vs. Bernie, Tulsi, the appalling state of English politics, and answer more viewer feedback

Bernie vs. Biden
Biden’s obvious dementia
Sanders’ even more obvious refusal to properly campaign
How elections can affect the social landscape and chances for secession
Why Bernie is the pro-collapse candidate
Peter Lamborn Wilson pines for Sweden
Brave New World, revisited
The US Debt Clock
England becomes a 1 party state
Apathy and police state laws prevent any redress

Spirituality & logos in primitive peoples
Modernity has atrophied previous mental circuits
1st Amory plug – The Liminalist podcasts on spirituality
Are A & B in agreement and just quibbling over details? [SPOILER ALERT: No, we disagree a lot. As you shall see if you keep watching!]
Healthy economics: gift economies, ecology and voluntary cooperation
2nd Amory plug – ‘Debt’ [great book by a horrible man]

Q: Would we rescue abused children? A: Yes
Beware the arbitrariness of ‘age of consent’
Where to draw the line is a difficult (but pedophilia is over the line!)
3rd Amory plug – ‘Saharasia’ by James DeMeo

White supremacy
Egoism : great topic but huge one
Self-determination anarchism
The importance of reference points (or: who exactly are we talking about?)
Amory’s challenge: show me how the USA RUNS ON white supremacy
Yes, pockets of ignorant racist redneckness DO exist. But they are NOT powerful!
Amory offers a counterexample: Australia
4th Amory plug – John Pilger
Clarification on how wokeness IS more widespread than white supremacy
Chauvinism doesn’t begin and end with white supremacy
How the Marxists were just as racist as the Nazis
5th Amory plug – Genocide Quotes by DeMeo
Slavery was not the exclusive purview of European people
Amory foreshadows future focus on historical revisionism
Further evidence of wokeness
Will whites become a minority
Logical fallacies
Dialectic semaphore
The dialectic of division, revisited

Audio version available here

Outtakes – unabridged segment on white supremacy (and full response to ‘Queer Cannibal Collective) available here

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4 months ago

Just to comment on what was a smallish part of the show; Bellamy talking about the somewhat common anarchist support for statist DSA type policies. I have to admit it is confusing to me how (some of course) anarchists can say their #1 preferred society includes total and complete abolition of the state, but their #2 fallback position is a state so large that it provides everything you need (Which also means they can take away everything you have) and that nearly everyone is reliant upon for their “daily bread”. It would seem at least to me that making everyone… Read more »

4 months ago

The definition of white supremacy in this discussion feels narrow, like it’s only instances of explicit brutality or active instead of passive racism. I think there are multiple useful frameworks for looking at the nightmare we find ourselves in, and they often overlap, understanding things through an anti-civ perspective is not incompatible with understanding white supremacy as a historical driving force—isn’t it a question of focus? To me white supremacy is the buildings, sidewalks, the economy, capitalist social relations, all of these normalized ways of thinking, Empire or Leviathan or whatever you want to call this infrastructure that makes us… Read more »

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