Liberty: This is the autonomous spirit by which you do every action in your life. Without it you can do nothing. To live in liberty is to engage mutualistically with others, to associate freely and voluntarily, to have open and honest dialogue, and to seek peace but be prepared for defense.

Logos: Reason, discourse, thought, word. More deeply, the threefold manifestation of Truth: the ordered structure of the universe, perhaps ordered by a more-than-human mind; the understanding of that ordered structure in the human mind, which reflects the first; and the communication of that understanding through dialogue.

Liberty & Logos is a pursuit of human freedom and truth seeking. We aim to take a radical approach to understanding the political, ecological, spiritual, social, and psychological crises of our present era with the aim of liberation: to become who we truly are. In doing so, we will interrogate conventional views of history and current events, explore new and old experiments in human freedom, and seek to understand the relationship between human nature and the Cosmos.

Amory Devereux is a teacher and student of language, history, geography and religion. Having been within several political circles, he now largely avoids politics in favour of personalised spiritual practice. He hopes you will find something interesting in what he has to say. He’s currently writing books on society’s attitudes to mental health and the 7 Cardinal Virtues. He blogs at Our Holistic Selves

Bellamy Fitzpatrick is an anarchist, a permaculturist, and a grad student studying psychotherapy. Bellamy previously co-hosted the podcasts Free Radical Radio and The Brilliant and is the editor of the periodical Backwoods. He has also authored the short polemical book ‘Corrosive Consciousness‘ and a number of articles in anarchist publications, and he now blogs at Aletheia.

We do not claim to be sages or saints with all of the answers; this show is a collaborative journey with our guests and viewers toward greater freedom and flourishing through open inquiry and the championing of human liberty. If you are a viewer, you are welcomed as a participant in this journey.