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Liberty & Logos - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Episode 5 – Language and Meaning

In this episode, Amory and Bellamy respond to viewer feedback, try to clarify some of their positions, and get a LITTLE BIT into some of the reasons why language can be so confusing in…

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Liberty & Logos - Amory Devereux - Why I am a reactionary

Amory: Why I am a reactionary

I’m glad to see such a high level of engagement with the show in its first week. That said, there has been some confusion over what I mean by ‘reactionary’. Accordingly, I’ve written this…

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Episode 4 – Anarchism (pt. 1)

This episode fell out of the fact that Bellamy considers himself to be an anarchist, whereas Amory does NOT, even though Bellamy thinks of Amory as one! After tossing around a couple of mini-topics…

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